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Weekly Tournament Rules Empty Weekly Tournament Rules

Post by Wolfram Von Bielefeld on Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:05 pm

• The tournament will be in World Arena, Oceania- Lobby #2. It’ll be up by 7:45 and will start at 8pm EST.

• Item weapon usage is banned.

• Each fight is a single match.

• Once you are eliminated (2 losses in double elimination), you need to leave Oceania Lobby #2- it is imperative to keep things organized.

• Please try to refrain from typing in the lobby chat box. Communications will take place primarily on this website's chatbox (located at the bottom of the homepage- just click the log in button). Only type in the lobby when absolutely necessary, and try to stick to this key:
‘Next?’ = Who am I fighting?
I won = You won- your next opponent will know to challenge you

DO NOT BE LATE. We will not accept entries after 8pm. By this point, I will have started creating the bracket and will not add additional names once it is finished. The reason is that adding additional names forces me to adjust the entire bracket. Also, please refrain from sparring with people once we get close to 8 o clock. If you're in a match, I can't see your names which I need to type in the bracket.

Finally- The semi finals and finals will take place in a player lobby with the 4 participants and 2 spectators (me and 1 person who's able to record/stream the match).
The bracket will be posted here, so once you make it to the semi-finals, wait until we set up a player lobby to continue fighting. DO NOT CHALLENGE YOUR NEXT OPPONENT. If you're unsure if you've reached your semi-final match, ask me through lobby chat.

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